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A global community of ordinary people that seek to live life with intention and purpose.

This ExtraOrdinary Life

Finding "Extra" in the Ordinary is what we're all about here.

Some people believe that only the exceptionally talented, rich, or famous live extraordinary lives. For the rest of us, its simply something to strive for, something that we will likely never attain. 

But we believe This ExtraOrdinary Life awaits you now. Despite all of its ordinariness, we all have the opportunity to do lots of little, ordinary things with extra focus, fervor, and flair right now. Today. And then again tomorrow. And then the day after that. And suddenly we find ourselves bringing the 'extra' to so many of our ordinary moments and living out a remarkable life. We don't want you to go chasing after an extraordinary life, we want to enable you to step into the one you've already got.


What You'll Find Inside of the Community

The Waymaking Series: Each month we’ll host 2-3 interactive workshops with a fresh focus on a different aspect of living an EXTRAordinary life. They'll be short, engaging, and leave you with both new ideas and opportunities to put them into practice.

Community Conversations: regular online hangouts with thoughtful, guided discussions to connect, encourage, and share.

Join our Huddles on Mondays for a time of inspiration, motivation, and anticipation to help you focus on what matters most in the week ahead. On Fridays, join us for a Hangout where we conclude the week by gathering for a time of celebration, reflection, and refueling.

We've had folks tell us these hangouts have been more transformative than some top-tier mastermind groups while offering a safe space to find support and encouragement throughout all the ups and downs of life.  

The Connectory: This is networking, elevated. Once month, we provide a fun, engaging way to build relationships with other members of the community along with an optional, private directory to help you continue your conversations offline.

In addition, once a month we provide the same fun, engaging format for connection but open it up to the public so that our members can invite guests to experience what makes this community so special.

Deep Dives: whether through an interview or an article, we’ll provide an in-depth exploration of a new topic each month to help you go deeper in how you look at the world around you and your place in it.

Challenges: from time to time we'll host fun, action-oriented challenges that provide simple daily prompts as a way to nudge and encourage you into living an ExtraOrdinary life.

What Others Are Saying

"Life is all about moving forward and it’s imperative to be around those who help us navigate towards success. The WayMaking sessions are filled with people who bring a system of support, insight and positivity to my life.” - Bonnie Milletto, USA

“Your podcast, posts, and ‘meeting’ in the Hangout are such an important source for me: to challenge my thoughts when I’m down, to change and challenge my perspective, to provide a sense of optimism and to be able to be ‘real’ in the Hangouts.” Tiana Steinhoff, PhD. Switzerland. 

"This community has fostered a safe relational environment where I can show up with an open heart and just be myself no matter what kind of day I am having. I always leave more encouraged as a result of those I get to connect and interact with a heart level. In fact, one of my newest friendships started at a Hangout event and because we only live about an hour apart we get to meet in person to encourage each other on our individual journeys." - Scott Jones, USA

"Taking part in the Gratitude Challenge was super inspirational for me. It made me consciously pause my daily busyness to re-connect with myself. In these moments I was invited to reflect and recognise the beauty that surrounds me and that I have so much to be grateful for.  Sharing the practice with others was especially uplifting and motivating.” Rishita Jones, Netherlands


Meet Your Hosts

Kevin Monroe hosts our community here in This ExtraOrdinary Life, a podcast by the same name (formerly The Higher Purpose Podcast), as well as countless conversations that lead to transformational encounters. He is a compassionate connector, communicator, facilitator, growth guide, and trusted advisor exploring life at the intersection of faith, business, and purpose. Kevin creates environments and host encounters that allow people to connect and get to the HEART of the matter of the very human issues that confront people and teams everywhere.

Christy Kern works with purpose-led leaders to help them clarify their vision, sharpen their message, and find a strategy that enables them to do their unique work in the world. Having become "multi-lingual" in the world of non-profits, for-profits, and faith-based organizations, she's learned to create bridges and navigate the complexities of communicating across sectors. Christy's goal is to facilitate better conversations amongst stakeholders while coaching both leaders and individuals in their pursuit of creating lasting change in the world around them.

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